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Professional Literature

There are many articles available on the internet about using therapy dogs in the educational arena. Here are a few several which we found to be very informative:

  • PDFMagic Formula Concepts on the keys to using therapy dogs successfully in the educational environment
  • PDFDunlap – Canine-Assisted Therapy A PhD dissertation project conducted to review related literature and examine the effects of canine assisted therapy on remediating reading skill deficits and its impact on attitudes towards reading
  • PDFCanine Visitors The influence of therapy dogs on young children’s learning and well-being in classrooms and hospitals
  • PDFLiteracy and TD How a therapy dog may inspire student literacy engagement in the elementary language arts classroom
  • PDFSocial Effects of Therapy Dogs on Children with Disabilities Research to assess the effects of the presence of a dog on verbal and non-verbal interactions of children with developmental disabilities in a school classroom
  • PDFTherapy Dogs & Best Practices in Reading R.E.A.D. research results on the impact of therapy dogs in the educational environment