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Opportunities for Students

Community service is an essential way for students to explore their interests, show colleges what they believe in, and define a possible career path. By engaging in volunteer work, teens have an opportunity to learn experientially. They discover where their passions lie while undertaking “feel good” projects that truly make a difference. These experiences allow them to make more informed choices about college and career options as well as instilling a lifelong interest in giving back.

Learn more about Council Rock’s L.I.N.C.S. program.

Mitzvah or Tzedakah Projects

A mitzvah or tzedakah project is a part of becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Students can fulfill the obligation of performing a mitzvah, (helping the community), or tikkum (repairing the world) by supporting Nor’wester Therapy Dogs Canine Partners in Education Program.

For more information contact Wendi Huttner at 215-815-5700.