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More letters from the kids. . .

Patrick makes me more happy and more confident when he’s around. He’s good to have near because he’s soft and gives confidence and happiness.  That’s why I like having Patrick around.  Grant

Patrick has been a very good therapy dog. He has helped me by making me overcome my fear of big dogs. He also is a good friend of mine. I really like Patrick as a therapy dog. Sophia

I think Patrick helps me feel better when he is with me. He makes me understand dogs better. I always think he helps me do my projects better. Patrick is the best therapy dog in the world. Patrick is an amazing dog that always helps me. Max

Patrick makes me feel happy because he is calm, and he makes me feel calm. Patrick is a great therapy dog. He is my favorite dog I have ever known. I would love to have him again next year. I also love seeing him at the reading to dogs at night in our pajamas. I always read at least 30 books to him every hour. I also see him in my grandmom’s room at least 5 times a month. I love seeing Patrick once a week. It makes my day!   Matthew

I think Patrick is a very good dog. Patrick has helped me become more confident about reading out loud. Patrick helps me study for tests. Patrick’s bright face helps me feel happy if I’m sad.   Griffin

Patrick has helped me a lot through school hours. He has helped so much mostly because I love dogs and having one at my school has made me so much happier. He has made me so much more confident with my work. He made me feel like I have something that I always wanted, and it truly came true which has cheered me up so much. Dogs are the most lucky companions. They help me a lot when I do not feel very excited to do my work. Also the cute look on Patrick’s face makes me giggle. I am so glad Patrick came to 2D to help me. Patrick is the best pup ever!!! We all love Patrick so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!  Violet

Patrick has paid attention to me like none of the people in my group has. He is the only dog I’m not scared of, and did I forget to mention that I’m scared of dogs. Even though Patrick is a dog, he can be a very good friend! He has helped me not be afraid of dogs too! He is so fun, and I love to pet him!  Alice