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Casey the Blind Wonder Dog (Part 2)

Casey’s Journey to Becoming a Registered Therapy Dog When I adopted Casey, I had no idea what to expect or how to train a blind dog. I had no idea that a dog born without eyes could run circles...

Casey the Blind Wonder Dog (Part 1)

How It All Began A number of years ago when I was visiting my mother, she handed me a brochure about a dog therapy program. As soon as my mother saw it, she knew it would be something that would...

Colette’s Magic

Three years ago my life changed when my dog Colette and I joined Nor’wester Therapy Dogs. We were assigned to a third-grade classroom at Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School in the Upper Dublin...

Getting Started: Stories from a New Partnership (Part 2)

Stephanie’s Story What Carol says is true…I always wanted therapy dogs in my classroom! I used to teach in a zoo, and I have always had pets in my classroom. I was so happy when Carol,...

Getting Started: Stories from a New Partnership (Part 1)

Carol Van Sant joined Nor’wester Therapy Dogs in 2018 and received her first assignment for the 2018-2019 school year. Carol was partnered with Stephanie Lucci-May, a Pennsbury elementary school...